Tuesday, 29 January 2019

January Meeting

Lots of work has been going on over Christmas and a number of the members have now got their travelling books covered and bagged ready to fill with lovely work.  There was also a number of pieces of work from our stitch day last November where we had to look at a single stitch and work it in different ways.

Here are the lovely books

and the stitch pieces.

Some members were busy working on various projects of their own.

Liz is working on rock faces.

Two lots of experimental samples being worked on

Our speaker today was ME.  I gave a talk about the Distant Stitch Sketchbook course that I finished last year.  I brought all my work and put some of it on slides to talk through.  It's amazing how much work you do on these things and you don't realize it until you put it all together.  I have put the link to my blog which I needed to do to complete the course, in the section at the side if anyone wants to look at all the photographs and writing that I had to do.  Unfortunately it starts with the last module and it is quite a way back to the first one I'm afraid.

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