Thursday, 30 January 2014

January Meeting

Another good attendance today with 5 visitors, all of whom are going to join next month.  One of our members had visited a local patchwork group and got a few people interested in coming to our meetings, so that is one way of recruiting new members.

We had a Member's day today, just in case the weather was bad.  Three members of the Branch, Christina, Jane and Anita each ran mini workshops on suffolk puffs, fly stitch and patchwork flowers.  Members were free to move around between each workshop or stay where they were which made for a very enjoyable day.  It was particularly good for the visitors because they got to meet lots of the members and everyone had a really good chat.  Of course I forgot my camera again so I am hoping Christina will be able to email some of her photographs and I can upload them if they come.  Thanks to Jackie and Ann for organising this, we all appreciated it.

Plans are moving ahead for the exhibition and we have also put some thought into what to do with the bag of pieces that we got at Regional AGM.  Some members have already signed up for the Regional Summer School and there are several people thinking about the Regional competition.  Altogether we are a very busy branch.

We also had a visit today from Pauline, our Regional chairman.  I think she enjoyed her day with us and took away a good impression of our Branch (and some of our ideas).