Thursday, 2 April 2015

March Meeting

We had a lovely day today with a visit from the ladies of the Hull Branch of the Guild.  The room was full and the chatter went on all day but we still managed to get a fair amount of work done.  I even had to clear them out at the end of the day.
In the morning, Christina did a workshop using transfer crayons.  She did a demonstration first and we all had a go and then she gave each of us a kit to make up into a small book using hand painted papers.  Here are some of the work done trying out the crayons.

In the afternoon, Alison did a workshop with stumpwork.  She provided kits with varying degrees of difficulty and we chose which we felt we could best cope with.  Most people did either the holly leaves or the dragonfly.  Here is some of the work in progress.

The work being done at St. John's Church in East Ayton on the the alter frontal is well on its way now.  Only a couple more sessions should see the embroidery finished.  It has been quite difficult doing some of the stitching but it does look a lot brighter than it did. The one on the right has had the central gold added and the one on the left is still to do.

I recently went to a church in Leavening just outside Malton and they have this wonderful embroidery on the wall of the chapel.  If you are ever out that way it is worth a look.  All the central picture is done in split stitch and this piece was the starting point for the Leavening Embroiderers. The surrounding pictures are all activities to do with the village.