Friday, 26 August 2016

American Beadwork

I have just come back from a holiday to some of the National Parks in America.  It was a coach holiday and we covered about 3,500 miles altogether and I have seen some amazing sights.  I think I now have about six years worth of inspiration for embroidery but I don't know how much I shall get done.
We stopped one day at a tiny town called Afton where a Lancastrian and his Iranian wife run a tiny cafe and home made chocolate shop.  It is about the only 'English' style tearoom I have ever seen in America.  During the winter when they are blocked in with snow and don't have many customers, the lady (I don't remember her name) makes beautiful beadwork necklaces, bracelets, etc.  Some are designs that are in magazines and some are based on more traditional Native American designs.  I thought one or two people may be interested so I took a few photographs.

The chocolate was good too!