Sunday, 24 February 2013

At last we have managed to have a meeting.  It seemed strange to be wishing everyone a Happy New Year this late.  It meant that we had lots to discuss in the business part of the day but we started a few minutes early so that we could give our speaker as much time as possible.  The new bag for our banner is coming along and several members took squares home to embroider ready for piecing together with the machine embroidered squares that Jackie has prepared.  Bookings for the Kathleen Laurel Sage workshops are going well.  Thursday 15th May, Machine embroidered panel is now full but there are a few spaces left on the Friday 16th May for the Stumpwork class.  We are now opening this up to non members at a cost of £30.  Anyone interested please contact
Next month we are having a members day where we hope to make a start on putting together some of the pincushion bases we have bought and turning them into unusual pincushions.  We are also going to bring in 'Something I have had for years and don't know what to do with'.  I am sure there is someone in the Branch who can help you out!  We are all guilty of buying things that look interesting at the time but then we forget what we bought them for.  I hope everyone will get involved in looking at something that they haven't tried before.
Our speaker was Carol Coleman who gave us an interesting demonstration of a 'Clingfilm Sandwich'.  We were all fascinated by the variety of surfaces you can create using this method.  She also showed us how to cut and shrivel plastic carrier bags to make some interesting shapes.  I hope we will see some finished pieces from the members next month. 

Some of Carol's work using cling film and snippets of fabric

What you can do with an old carrier bag.