Sunday, 29 June 2014

June Meeting

Although members are now starting to go on holiday etc. we still had a good attendance today.

A few of the quilted cushions from the workshop two weeks ago were on show but not all of them are finished yet.

Cath's is missing because she was sitting on it.  The day was so popular that another is planned for November and we are hoping to make a christmas table runner.  Everyone thanked Ann and Jackie for organising and running the days.

This afternoon we had Wyn Ingham helping us to make mini victorian needlecases which were lovely.  Everyone enjoyed the afternoon and most people took home a finished needlecase.  Some bought extra kits to make more, they were so pleased with their first ones. 
Here are some action shots of people working on their needlecases

And here is a selection of the finished ones.  Not everyone put theirs on the table but you can see the huge variety of kits that Wyn put together for us, it mus have taken her ages and our thanks go out to her.

Next month our own Barbara Douglas will be talking about 'Colour and Design for Weaving' and Barbara is an excellent weaver and some of her fabrics are superb.  We welcome visitors and I would recommend this talk if you are interested in weaving.

Below is a taster of what we will be doing next month on our 'Make and Take' session.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Patchwork Day

Six members of the Branch met up on Saturday for a Beginners Patchwork day with Jackie and Ann.  We had an excellent day learning how to do a 'Rail Fence' patchwork.  We didn't get as far a quilting it but I have been very good and got mine done at home, thanks to the football.  Everybody really enjoyed their day and many thanks go to Jackie and Ann for all the time they have put in to prepare and present this for us.

Here are the finished pieces of patchwork and how different they all look even though they are the same design.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Regional Day

Six of us once again had a very enjoyable day at the Regan Centre although the weather wasn't it's usual sunny self.  We had two very entertaining and informative talks one by George Hook, who is the last man in Birmingham to make mother of pearl buttons, and one by Lucy Adlington on the Great War Fashions.  The standard of the competition entries was as high as ever and there were some really lovely pieces on display.  Next years topic for the two competitions will be 'Maps' and the flower for the Maggie Judges competition will start with the letter 'E'.

I had a very good day as I won one of the raffle bags.  Kindly put together by the Sheffield Branch, I don't think they could have got another item in it.  It is now my challenge to produce a piece of work using as many of the items as possible.

This is a photograph of the bag I won with all the items that were in it.  Thank you very much Sheffield Branch.

May Meeting

Jackie has a friend, Heather Hasthorpe, who lives in Norfolk who she persuaded to visit her when we had a meeting day so she could give us a talk about her quilts and workshops.  It was lovely to see her quilts but also her embroideries, samples and postcards that she makes as well.  It is always interesting to hear what is going on in other areas of the country.

Our contribution to the Regional AGM challenge is coming along well and starting to take shape.

As a Branch we have decided not to do anything specific for National Stitch Day this year.  It is not a good time of year to do this in this part of the country and so many people have other commitments during the school holidays.  However, we did say that if anyone was stitching anywhere on that day then they would get someone to photograph them, especially if it was in an unusual place.