Sunday, 1 December 2013

November Meeting

We had only three members missing today and we had four visitors one of whom was the Chairman of the Guild, Christine Poole.  We had hoped for more visitors as we had advertised the meeting in all the local free magazines and around the other Branches but it was their loss as it was a really good talk. 
Victoria Mcleod came from the North East Region to tell us about the Mining a Golden Seam exhibition which was so successful last year.  She showed us slides of each piece of work and added the artist's description to it.  While there is no doubt that all the exhibits were much admired when on display, the whole thing was so much more personal when you understood the memories and emotions that went into some of the pieces.  I can understand how the whole thing resonated with other communities up and down the country especially those where mining has been the main employment.

Other business:  The Knitting and Stitching Show coach went well with 48 people on board although we were a bit late arriving due to the dustbin collections in Snainton blocking the whole main road for twenty minutes.  Lots of money was spent and everyone had an enjoyable day.  On the Saturday, Jackie and Christina worked on the Guild stand helping people to do a small stitched project to take home.  They enjoyed their day and I think there was a lot of praise from the public for the Guild.

During the morning of our meeting today, Jackie and Ann ran a 'Make and Take' session.  There was a choice of two Christmas cards to make one in goldwork and the other with beads and Angelina fibres.  Most people had a go and for some this was their first attempt at goldwork.  Thanks to Jackie and Ann for organising this.  We have some more 'taster sessions' at our members day in January. 

We don't have a meeting in December but we are having a Christmas Lunch at the Crossway's Hotel so we are all looking forward to that.

These works in progress are the goldwork trees, all the ladies who did the beadwork trees had packed away by the time I got my camera out.