Saturday, 1 December 2012

November Meeting

Our meeting was held the day after most of us visited the Knitting & Stitching show so there was lots of talk about that.  Our congratulations go to the North East Region who put on an outstanding display with their work from 'Mining a Golden Seam' exhibition.  Everyone who saw it said how wonderful it was.

We have now got a quilted bag for the Regional Day in June and members are being asked to fill it with items in shades of Green.  Thanks to Jackie for doing that.  The banner bag now has some fabric so Jackie will get started on that for the January meeting.  The pincushion bases have started to go out now so I am looking forward to seeing some interesting ideas for completing them.

The speaker was our own member, Barbara Douglas, who talked to us about the Amish.  Barbara has visited them several times and had lots of information about them.  It was a very thought provoking talk.  She also brought along a couple of quilts she had made based on their designs.

We don't have a meeting next month but a few are going out for a Christmas lunch together.  Next meeting is January 26th with a talk by Kathie Selwood on Life with a Sewing Machine.