Thursday, 2 February 2017

January Meeting

We are all back now after the Christmas break and ready to get into the swing of stitching again.

Looking forward to our exhibition at Nunnington Hall in November/December we are preparing to make a piece of work based on a Christmas Tree.  We have our templates and instructions and Val and Angela had prepared some samples to give us ideas.  I didn't photograph them as we want you all to come and see them at Nunnington.

We have also been doing some little cards to hand out to people interested in joining the Guild.  Laureen gave us this idea which uses up old embroideries that you don't mind cutting up and bits and pieces that you have trimmed off pieces of work.  On the back we have stuck information about the branch and who to contact.  Everyone will have a few of these to hand out and the rest will be used at exhibitions and events.

Colleen did these using some fabric scraps and buttons.

These were all on the radiators for the glue to dry.

There was interesting work going on around the room as this was a members meeting and we didn't have a speaker.  Some had brought in previous work for us to look at.

Colleen brought in these wonderful boxes.  They are made from cheese boxes that she begged from her local deli.

You could try doing a 'Guess the number of french knots' competition with this one.

This one is so colourful.

Liz has been continuing her workshops learning how to use her new sewing machine.

This has been created by Cath Featherstone who runs the Bandroom Beaders group and does workshops around the area.  Next one is in Pickering at the Memorial Hall if you are interested.