Sunday, 28 September 2014

September Meeting

I was away on holiday for the July meeting so I don't really know what they got up to in my absence and therefore couldn't post a blog, so it really does seem a long time ago since I updated our information.  However, there were a few items brought along that had been made at the July meeting and also some more of Barbara's weaving from her talk.

Here are some cards that had been made last month and also some 'apples' that Ann has made using her own dyed fabric.

Barbara's beautiful weaving, you could make a dress from some of these patterns, they are that fine.

Down the side we have our new programme for 2014/15.  If anyone can tell me how I can get to highlight the bottom items that are all in black I would love to know.  For some reason it won't let me highlight a single letter never mind a whole name as I have done above.  Technology - huh!

September was our AGM and we gave our thanks to Liz who has now stepped down as Treasurer and welcomed Imelda into the post.  A bit of a baptizm of fire to start on the day that subscriptions are collected along with the Knitting and Stitching show money as well but she coped admirably.

We now have a new banner bag thanks to Jackie who pieced together all the individual embroideries that the members have done and this is the result -
We can now carry our banner around it style.  Come and see it at the Regional AGM.

The rosebowl competition this year was for a book cover and we had 8 entries, all of which were stunning but the winner chosen by the members was Christina.

Here are the entries -

and here is Christina with the rosebowl.
Our afternoon was spent making flowerpots that Brenda had brought along las month and everyone thought they were lovely, so she has kindly spent her time drawing desings onto calico for the rest of the group.  This is what we are doing and I expect to see a nice display next month of finished pots (ours are smaller than this one).