Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Bags of Fun!

Since Kathleen Laurel Sage came to talk to us, I have been desperate to get started making one of her bags and this is the result.  It was interesting to work with plastic instead of fabric, it doesn't slide on the sewing machine very well which makes the free machining a bit tricky until you get used to it.  If anyone else plans to do this bag that is in Stitches magazine you need to be aware that the rolls of plastic we bought from Kathleen are not quite sufficient for an exact copy of the bag.  Mine is just a bit smaller, I haven't put the flap over and there are fewer flowers.  I am still quite pleased with the result though.  I thought I might get some more plastic and make my great niece one for Christmas with flowers and butterflies on.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Ripon and Lotherton Hall

We had a lovely day out last Wednesday, the weather mananged to stay fine for us and the rain shower came while we were on the coach.  Lotherton Hall is a lovely country house, a bit smaller and more homely than a stately home but there is still plenty to see there for the very reasonable entry fee.  The exhibition of North American Plains Indian artifacts was very good and very informative.  I think everyone enjoyed it.  If you do go and you watch the DVD that is played, don't wait for Sitting Bull to die, you could be there all day! We took a few friends as well as members to fill the coach and it made a nice mixed bunch who all got on well together.  The exhibition is on until the 31st December and I can certainly recommend it, I think children would enjoy it too.