Sunday, 9 June 2013

Regional Day

As always, Regional Day was very enjoyable and also a very successful one for Ryedale.  We had put several entries into the various competitions and both Christina and I got runners up prizes in the Challenge Cup.  We were both really pleased and it gave Ryedale quite a boost.  All the entries were of a very high standard but they were outshone by the Young Embroiderers whose interpretations of 'Underground' were extremely good.
  Nine members of Ryedale enjoyed two really good talks, in the morning Rubina Porter painted a very moving picture of the plight of women and children in Bangladesh and the work she is doing with them.  In the afternoon we had a very informative talk about Textiles in Elizabethan and Jacobean Country Houses given by David Bostwick in his fast moving and amusing style.
With a pleasant lunch, lots of places to spend our money and the opportunity to catch up with people and other branches, it all made for a good day out.

I apologise if I didn't get everyone's work in the pictures,  there was quite a crush round the tables everytime I went so I had to just go for it!