Thursday, 4 December 2014

November Meeting

I was hoping to give you a display of finished patchwork from our workshop a fortnight ago.  Some pieces did come in but several were missing because they weren't completed.  Below is a picture of the ones we did see.

In the morning Jackie and Ann did another 'Make and Take' session with the help of Moira as well.  We made a variety of Christmas decorations and cards as you can see below.

Everyone who takes part in these sessions enjoys them and it is great for getting to chat with people you don't normally sit with.

We had a great speaker in the afternoon, Diana Barrett whose talk 'For What it's Worth' looked at the perceptions of embroidery throughout the ages and how it has always been deemed 'Women's work'.  It caused some discussion over the tea cups at the end of the day.

This last picture is a christmas tree that has been on display at the Beck Isle Museum.  Each year they ask local businesses to sponsor and decorate a tree and this is our Branch's tree.  All the decorations have been made by members.  Christina carefully looked after them all year when we took them down from our own trees in January so we didn't have to go digging in the decorations boxes in October.

I think this looks super and so much nicer and more traditional than the 'tastefully toning' arrangements you see today.