Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January Meeting

Not such a good turnout this month, what was keeping you all away ladies?  We all had great fun making beaded hearts with Cath.  Unfortunately our speaker could not come so Cath stepped in with a little workshop making these lovely red hearts ready for Valentine's day.  I have managed to finish mine and have put a picture up for you all to see.  I might make another one in a different colour.
We have changed the seating arrangements in the hall and I think it is much better, most people seemed to like it. 
Above is information about our exhibition in April.  I will be looking for volunteers next month to steward and generally help on the day and also to make cakes to sell.  Don't forget to get all your work finished to display and we are also having a seperate display of items in either black or white or a combination of both.  Any technique as long as it is monochrome.  We also hope to do a small display of old work from the 1970's.  I know you are all too young to have been embroidering then (!) but maybe you have something in your loft that we could borrow.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Keeping working!

I have been using one of my purchases from the Knitting and Stitching Show.  This is a thermofax screen and is used just like a screen print.  I have used mine with bleach on a piece of velvet from Oliver Twist's.  There are two designs of flowers and I have added some embroidered leaves and grasses and a few beads.  I made it into a jewellery bag for my daughter for Christmas so I can't bring it to the meeting to show you but I can bring a sample I have done and hopefully another piece I have started for our exhibition in April.