Thursday, 3 December 2015

October and November Meetings

Didn't get chance to complete the October meeting so I am catching up now.  We had an interesting talk by Christine Poole our ex chairman of the Guild.  She told us how she had started in embroidery and the people who had influenced her over the years.  There were lots of interesting pieces of work to look at and details about the inspiration for them.
Our November meeting was completely different.  Janet, one of our members is a great expert at Hardanger and she came today to give a short workshop in this technique.  Members who arrived in the morning couldn't wait until the afternoon to get started so they were under way by 11.30 and I had to clear them all out at 3.30 as they were still working and chatting.  As usual, I forgot to take my camera with me, however, here is a photograph of my finished piece.

I plan to incorporate it into another piece of work.  If I remember, I will upload the finished article when it gets done.