Tuesday, 2 June 2015

May Meeting

Today we had a mini workshop with Josie Storey who is always great fun to have at a meeting.  We were making mini bags, like little shoppers, which can be used for keeping small precious items or for giving tiny gifts like earings or even a gift card.  All the members present had a go and it was a very busy day.

We have managed to gather together a good supply of items for our 'raffle bag' for the regional day in June, so a message to any other branch - watch out for the Ryedale bag, it is well worth putting your ticket on it.

A small group of members have been working on an altar frontal repair for one of the local churches and as payment for doing it, they are going to allow us to hold an exhibition in the church in October.  It will co-inside with the re-dedication of the frontal by the archdeacon and also the harvest festival.  It promises to be a very special weekend for the Branch.
 Here are some of the items Josie brought for us to look at and kits for us to buy.

 These are Josie's versions of the bags she demonstrated.

And these are the bags that some of the members made.