Tuesday, 11 September 2012

AGM and other information

I have now been back off holiday for two weeks and it seems as though I haven't been away.  I had an amazing trip to Peru, a wonderful country and no I didn't treck up to Machu Pichu,  we took the bus! 

Down to business. It is the AGM on Saturday 29th September and we will be starting the meeting at 1.30pm.  This is so that we don't cut short the speakers time.  Wyn Ingham is the speaker and I know you all enjoyed her last visit and so won't want to miss any of this one. 

A reminder that we need at least one new committee member and also a programme secretary.  Avril and Cath are stepping down after doing a sterling job for the last few years.  If anyone would like to have a go, or maybe do a job share, then please let us know at the meeting.

There aren't many of you registered on the Guild website so if you are unable to do it yourself, can you make sure you bring your forms for Isobel to do it for you. 

A reminder that the subscription this year will be £30.

The coach for the Knitting and Stitching Show has been booked for Friday 23rd November.  Cost will be £20.50 and will include the drivers tip.

I have added a few photos of Peru for you to look at.  The first one is a pre-incan textile in the museum.  It was probably a cloak of some kind and all these shells were still attached to the fabric (wish my buttons stayed on this long).