Friday, 2 March 2018

February Meeting

I couldn't stay long today as I had a choir rehearsal in the afternoon but I called in for an hour in the morning to catch up with everyone.  I shall be missing the next two meetings unfortunately as we have some good things happening so the blog won't get updated until after the May meeting.

Today, Eileen gave a workshop making these lovely jugs, the pattern for which is from Stitch magazine.  From the feedback I got, everyone enjoyed doing these and had lots of fun with them.

Liz has been busy with her sewing machine and made this lovely panel.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

January Meeting

Happy New Year!  A number of the members attended our Christmas Lunch on the 13th January at the Crossways Hotel in Pickering.  As always the food was lovely and the company excellent.
At our meeting today (27th) we had the Stamford Bridge Tapestry Society some of who joined us for the morning to do stitching and demonstrate the stitches they use in this beautiful embroidery.  There will be twelve panels when they have finished depicting the battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066.  The style of the work is similar to that of the Bayeux tapestry but it won't be quite that long!  As with the Bayeux Tapestry, there are some delightful figures fitted into the story.  Everyone loved the little fisherman sitting on the bridge fishing while the battle raged around him.  In the afternoon Heather joined us to give a brief description of the battle and Sue told us more about the Society and how they had all got together. 
Thank you's were said to all those who stewarded at Nunnington Hall for our exhibition which went down very well.  The management at the Hall were very pleased with it and with the number of additional visitors it attracted. 
Our next exhibition will be on the 7th and 8th of July at Snainton Village Hall.  This is the Branch bi-annual event so there will be lots to buy on the sales table, lots of tea and cake and tons of lovely embroidery and textile work to look at.
Here are some photos of the items they have for sale to raise funds for the fabric, threads, etc. needed to produce it. Each of these figures is taken from the tapestry.

Here are the ladies stitching away at some more of the smaller pieces.

Maureen was making this lovely canvas work bag using plastic canvas.

This beautiful hanging star was made by one of our beaders.

Monday, 27 November 2017

November at Nunnington Hall

This month I was stewarding at Nunnington Hall for our exhibition there and what a lovely day we had.  It was a bit chilly sitting at the top of the house but we had wrapped up warm and weren't too uncomfortable.  Apparently it wasn't as busy a day as usual but there were a lot of events on all over the county.  However, we had a steady stream of visitors from all over the world including Germany and Canada as well as from all over England.  Several of them had a go at Colleen's lazy daisy stitches and took a piece of work home with them.  I demonstrated Angelina fibres and how to use them.  Everyone who visited us was very complimentary about the work on display and it did look lovely, very well arranged around the two rooms and a corridor.  I didn't take any photographs I'm afraid, but you can still go and have a look at it yourselves before it finishes on the 17th December.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

October Meeting

We had a really good meeting today, lots more work coming in for the exhibition at Nunnington Hall and lots of little white decorations that everyone had done to hang from the tree branches that Christina provided.

I managed to get a bit closer so you can see a few of them a bit better.

We had a really good talk by Janet Browne who told us all about how she got involved with her style and topics that she works in.  She brought lots of her birds and maps for us to look at as well as sketch books and samples.  We had a lovely time afterwards looking through them all.

Here are some of the pieces she brought and lots of eager hands rooting through them.

Our next meeting will be just a Members Day and Val and Angela have a small kit for people to do if they want to.  I shall be at Nunnington Hall all day doing three demonstrations of Angelina Christmas cards, so if you want to meet me and see what the Branch members have been up to, come along to Nunnington Hall.  Dates are above.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

September Meeting

We had a full house nearly at our new venue in Snainton.  It is a lovely big room with plenty of light although the ceiling is high which makes it a bit noisy but we have all seemed to settle in.  Today was also our AGM which we went through as quickly as possible so that we could listen to our speaker, Andrew Clay who gave a very enjoyable talk on The Royal Jewels.  Going back to Queen Mary, he explained the difference between the Crown Jewels, jewels that belong to the Royals and the Queen's private collection.  The photographs were stunning, the amount of jewellery worn by Queen Mary and Queen Alexander was incredible and the dresses were just as impressive.  A really good talk that kept everyone discussing it afterwards.  Shame he didn't have any samples to show us!  Andrew is the Manager of Woodend Creative space in Scarborough and does two or three different talks and they are all very good.
We asked Andrew to judge our annual Rose Bowl Competition, the topic of which was Pantomime. There were a number of entries but the winner was Nikki Brown with her beanstalk interpretation.  I would love to have taken some pictures but didn't have a camera with me but I hope to get some from other members to put on this page as soon as I can.
We are all bringing together work for the exhibition at Nunnington Hall which is coming up very soon.  The dates for the exhibition are on the side panel, please come and look round a lovely house and see all the work we have been doing.
The Mystery Stitchery is moving along, people are getting the hang of what we are doing and are making plans for how to put the various pieces of work together when they are all finished.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Quilting Workshop

We have just had another quilting workshop with Jackie, this time making a zip round bag with pockets and rings for all your projects and work.  I am going to use mine for my travel journal and all the leaflets, maps and tickets that I keep from my holidays.  We had the opportunity to quilt our fabric ready before the day but I didn't get time to do mine so I had to spend the morning catching up. As it happened this proved to be useful as I have thought of a couple of changes I want to do to customize mine, putting a small ticket pocket and maybe a place for a pen.  It was a good day with change to meet a couple of new people as well.  Here are some of the bags that were made.

This is the inside of Cynthia's bag.

Elaine chose this lovely deep coloured fabric for her bag.

Hazel's bag is nearly finished.

Monday, 26 June 2017

June Meeting

We didn't have a speaker today but Val and Angela ran a workshop doing some random canvas work which all started to look very interesting.  Pictures below.
During the business it was decided that from September we will be moving venue to Snainton village hall.  This is because the disabled facilities at Wrelton are not very good and the room is now at capacity for our membership.  The vote to move was more or less unanimous so we can now look forward to a new home.
Everyone is now getting the hang of Laureen's Mystery Stitchery and it sounds as though the pieces of work are coming along fine.  One or two have cheated and shown each other their work but generally speaking we are all keeping it secret.

This is the type of work that Val and Angela have done and the sort of thing we were all trying to do.

Here are some of our efforts for the day.