Sunday, 29 July 2018

July Meeting

Not as hot a day as we have been having lately, some welcome rain in the last couple of days.  The Chairman reported that the exhibition had gone really well, be covered all our cost and made a small profit and hopefully aquired 4 or 5 new members, which is what it is all about.
Today's speaker was Melita Butterell from the Durham Cathedral Broderers who showed us some of the work that the Broderers do.  If you have ever been to Durham Cathedral you will have seen some of the lovely pieces of work they have done some of which have been designed by Malcolm Lockhead.  They are displayed all around and there are guided tours available on certain days.  That together with the new space for the St. Cuthbert pieces makes a visit to Durham a worthwhile day out.
Below are some of the samples she brought with her for us to look at.

Melita was very knowledgeable about all the pieces and obviously very passionate about the work the Broderers do.

Meanwhile, some of the members were busy stitching in the morning and quite a bit of work got done. Here are some samples of it.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018


What a lovely weekend we had for our exhibition.  Wall to wall sunshine and cricket on the field - so very English.
We had a steady stream of visitors on Saturday despite the football (or maybe because of it), Sunday was quieter but still a good number.  There was lots of work for people to view, a very popular tombola where every winner received a hand made item, the Rose Bowl Challenge to judge and plenty of cake.
The Rose Bowl Challenge was an A5 book cover.  Each entry had a little bag and visitors were requested to put a coin in the bag of their favorite piece of work.  The winner was the bag with the most coins in (not the highest value) and all the proceeds went to St Martin's House Childrens Hospice.  There was a good amount of money in total in the bags and the winner was our chairman Angela, seen below with the rose bowl.

These were the other entries, a good number from a group of around 30 members.

These were items from the Jan Dowson workshop.

Then we had a workshop with Eileen making these lovely vases.

Here are some of our Mystery Stitchery pieces.  There are more but still in the making.  Every month we purchased a pattern sheet that had been designed by Loreen and we made it up in our own way then put the pieces together to make either a book or a box or whatever pleased you.  The money we made from the sale of the pattern sheets will go to HQ towards the upkeep of the collection.

We also had a display of some of the Christmas items we had at Nunnington Hall last December.

The next pieces were on the theme of Animals.

We also had a display of World Embroidery.

Last but not least, we had a good show of embroidery in general. 

This piece is from South America, it is at least a metre long and every bird is different.

 This last piece was given to the Branch by a lady from Snainton.  The story behind it is that all the ladies of the village of West Heslerton were given 1p worth of threads to make a patch for this quilt.  This was in the 1940's, if anyone out there knows anything more about this quilt we would love to hear from you.

There were lots more pieces of work on show but this is just a selection so that next time you will remember and come and see us.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

June Meeting

A busy day at the Branch collecting and finishing off all the items for the exhibition next week.  Don't forget to come and see us at Snainton Village Hall, YO13 9BG, Saturday and Sunday 7th & 8th of July between 10am and 4pm.  There will be a super sales table, tombola and lots of cake as well as plenty of embroidery for you to look at.
Our speaker this month was Anne Menary who gave us an amusing talk about 'The Fabric of the Universe' and how she had got into the universe as a topic for embroidery.  Her sense of humour in her cards and pieces of work is really good and we all had at least a smile if not an outright laugh as some of her musings.  For more information and a look at her work, visit her website at
I took a few photos of Anne's work but the website offers much more.

Some of the work going on at the Branch on Saturday.

Christina working on her 'Mystery Stitchery@.

Kath was beading this necklace.

Janet has just started this colourful piece.

Not sure who's this piece of lovely work is.

These last two were from the workshop with Jan Dowson.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Regional Day

If it wasn't that you would miss a really good day out, I would suggest you book a weekend trip when the Regional Day is on because it is almost always a lovely sunny day and this year was no exception. We had two wonderful speakers in Serena Partridge and Nicola Jarvis.  Serena brought some of her tiny hand stitched shoes and gloves for us to look at and Nicola told us how her May Morris birds came into being.  As ever, lunch was delicious and there were several interesting stalls for us to spend our money on.  The competitions were well supported especially the young embroiderers whose work on William Morris designs was extremely good.  I won another bag in the raffle, I think this is the third one I have won and each has been amazing.  I have made lots of things from the items I have received and some have gone on to be sold at Branch events to raise money.
I'm afraid I didn't get photographs of the competition winners but they will be on the Regional facebook page, however I have got photos of the other entries and to say that these didn't win shows what a high standard there was.
Don't forget our exhibition on the 7th and 8th July in Snainton village hall, YO13 9BG from 10am to 4pm.  There will be lots more beautiful embroidery, a sales table, tombola and of course refreshments.

Flowers beginning with the letter 'H'

Some of the William Morris based designs.

Young Embroiderers work

Sunday, 3 June 2018

May Meeting

I didn't realise how far behind I was with the blogs but when I think about it, I was on holiday at the end of March and again at the end of April so I didn't get to those two meetings.  However I understand that Helen Birmingham was very interesting and the workshop with Jan Dowson was enjoyed by all who participated.  There were some lovely pieces on display at this months meeting but as always, I forgot to get some photographs.
Our speaker this month was Vivien Stamford who spoke about Found Fabrics and the Antarctic Project.  Viv has collected lots of pieces of fabric from the beach at Bridlington, some of which she brought to show us.  With these pieces she has produces some wonderful work, a lot of it based around the Antarctic Expeditions of Scott and Shackleton.  She has done a lot of research into the projects and her work is very thoughtful. 
The Branch members are all working hard towards our exhibition on the 7th and 8th July in Snainton Village Hall.  We will be open from 10am to 4pm and entry is free so don't forget to come along.  There will be plenty of tea and cake so that is a good excuse.

Friday, 2 March 2018

February Meeting

I couldn't stay long today as I had a choir rehearsal in the afternoon but I called in for an hour in the morning to catch up with everyone.  I shall be missing the next two meetings unfortunately as we have some good things happening so the blog won't get updated until after the May meeting.

Today, Eileen gave a workshop making these lovely jugs, the pattern for which is from Stitch magazine.  From the feedback I got, everyone enjoyed doing these and had lots of fun with them.

Liz has been busy with her sewing machine and made this lovely panel.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

January Meeting

Happy New Year!  A number of the members attended our Christmas Lunch on the 13th January at the Crossways Hotel in Pickering.  As always the food was lovely and the company excellent.
At our meeting today (27th) we had the Stamford Bridge Tapestry Society some of who joined us for the morning to do stitching and demonstrate the stitches they use in this beautiful embroidery.  There will be twelve panels when they have finished depicting the battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066.  The style of the work is similar to that of the Bayeux tapestry but it won't be quite that long!  As with the Bayeux Tapestry, there are some delightful figures fitted into the story.  Everyone loved the little fisherman sitting on the bridge fishing while the battle raged around him.  In the afternoon Heather joined us to give a brief description of the battle and Sue told us more about the Society and how they had all got together. 
Thank you's were said to all those who stewarded at Nunnington Hall for our exhibition which went down very well.  The management at the Hall were very pleased with it and with the number of additional visitors it attracted. 
Our next exhibition will be on the 7th and 8th of July at Snainton Village Hall.  This is the Branch bi-annual event so there will be lots to buy on the sales table, lots of tea and cake and tons of lovely embroidery and textile work to look at.
Here are some photos of the items they have for sale to raise funds for the fabric, threads, etc. needed to produce it. Each of these figures is taken from the tapestry.

Here are the ladies stitching away at some more of the smaller pieces.

Maureen was making this lovely canvas work bag using plastic canvas.

This beautiful hanging star was made by one of our beaders.