Wednesday, 6 November 2019

October Meeting

Today we had a beading workshop with Cath and Janet.   There were a good number of members there and a mixture of abilities.  Everyone was making a straight piece of peyote stitch which then wrapped around a plastic form to make either a piece of jewellery or as part of a scissor keeper.  Not everyone did the workshop, a few were doing their own stitching.  A sales table will now be available each month and it can include items that you can sell or donate to the branch.

Some of the work done today.

Some of Cath and Janet's own work.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

September Meeting

Today was our AGM so not a lot to tell you about.  The Chairman's Challenge was announced 'A5 Stitched Seaside Postcard' which should be interesting to see.  I had to leave early again today so missed some of what was going on but it was nice to see everyone again after the summer break.  Some pictures I remembered to take while I was there.

A crazy patchwork based on 'leaves'

Diane is stitching into her printing that she did a couple of weeks ago.

Some lovely stitchwork

Starting on a new piece of canvas work.

Some lovely prints from Helen.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Summer School

Four of us went to the Regional Summer School this year and as usual we had a wonderful weekend.  Kate Andre, Chris Gray, Midori Matsushima and Kate Slaughter all provided us with excellent workshops and plenty of work to do.
Moira and Christina did printing and dyeing with Kate Andre and boy were they busy.  They left with piles of samples and a nice workbook to keep them in.  Diane worked with Chris Gray and they produced some lovely Sashiko style pieces some of which were printed, some machine stitched and some hand stitched.  Some interesting ideas to take away.
Anita had a quiet weekend hand sewing with Kate Slaughter.  Sixteen ladies produced small landscapes and flower designs using textured thread and stitches.
As always, the food and service was excellent and the weather kept fine for us to look round the animals and the walled garden.  As weekends go, this one takes a lot of beating.

June Meeting

I managed to get here for the whole of the afternoon and be able to listen to our speaker Anne Brooke.  What a treat that was.  There was loads of lovely work to look at and her talk was just as interesting.  I didn't get chance to chat with many members as I was quite late but everyone seemed to be busy working.
Next years fees will be £83.  That will include: Guild membership to HQ, Regional subs, Branch subs and teas/coffees for each meeting next year, so there is nothing to pay when you come to the meeting.

Here are a few photographs I took of Anne's work with her permission.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

May Meeting and Regional Day

It seems everything is against me this year.  Once again I was only able to call in at the meeting for an hour and it will be the same in June.  I didn't take any photo's at the meeting because everyone was in the process of cutting out their fabric for the bag they were making on our Member's day.  Hopefully there will be some finished bags in June to show you.
A good day was had by all at Regional Day as always.  Two really excellent speakers and lots of retail therapy as well as a lovely lunch.  The competition was perhaps not as well supported by members this year but my goodness did the Young Embroiderers show us the way!  They almost completely covered the table with entries.  The only annoying thing was, I switched my phone off and forgot to switch it back on again to take photographs so I haven't any to show you.  However I am sure if you do Facebook you will find some pictures on there.  One day I might decide I have time to join Facebook but not in the near future I'm afraid.

Monday, 29 April 2019

April Meeting

Listening to comments today, last months speaker and workshop by Jessica Grady, was enjoyed by all who attended.  Unfortunately, there wasn't any finished pieces on display this month so I couldn't get any photographs to show.
This month's workshop was with Elizabeth Almond who gave us an Introduction to Whitework.  I know many of the members do enjoy doing whitework, pulled and drawn threadwork and other forms of traditional hand embroidery but all those there today thoroughly enjoyed what Elizabeth brought for us.  It is good to go back to traditional stitches and remind oneself of them, it is surprising how well they sit within a piece of modern embroidery.  We also had a couple of visitors who were interested in the stitching and hopefully are now interested in joining the group.

This is a bit difficult to see but it was the design included in the pack.

Several people liked this swirl and bought the pattern.

Some of Elizabeth's own work.

Just to prove that you can stitch on anything, this is an inexpensive apron from Dunelm which Elizabeth embroidered on.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Guild AGM

I was unable to attend the March meeting as my sister was getting married that day and I felt I should be there instead. 
However, I did manage to attend the Guild AGM in Newcastle.  It was a lovely day out, all the train times worked and the Assembly Rooms were a short walk from the station.  What a lovely building, it took you back to the Regency days of balls and concerts.  The meeting however was bang up to date with powerpoint presentations and fascinating speakers.  In the morning Scott Gordon heron, head designer from Hand and Lock gave us a brief history of the company and some insight into the work the company does, from designing military goldwork to fashion pieces for top designers.  They have even designed badges for the pilots of the first commercial flight into space!
During the afternoon we heard from Dr. Nigel Hurlstone who took us through his recent work 'Men Do Cry' and what a journey that was.  I don't think anyone came out of that room not feeling ragged and drawn, some were nearly in tears.  The work looks at a ward of men in a hospital, all who have cancer and their experiences together, particularly after lights out.  Have a look at his website and the work called 'Sleepers'.
The Guild is just in the black this year and membership fees for next year will be held at £38.  A summary of the day can be found on the website with copies of the various speeches.
Four regional branches put on displays of their work and the Needle Points North banners were prominently displayed.  There was also a display of all the entries for the 2018/19 Guild competition 'Life's Rich Pattern' and very spectacular they were.  Look out for them at the Knitting and Stitching shows.
Some of the Travelling Books displayed by Hexham Branch.

Some of the entries in the Guild competition.

My favourite piece.