Sunday, 4 December 2016

November Meeting

As usual I forgot not only my camera but my phone as well so no photographs this month which is a shame as the work on display was so beautiful.  Our speaker was Serena Partridge and her talk was 'Follies of Fashion'.  She works mostly in miniature making beautiful shoes and gloves and fashion items of the past but most of them are exaggerated in some way.  Gloves are massively long, dress crinolines are incredibly wide and wigs enormously high supported by extra long handled parasols. All these items are beautifully embroidered and hand stitched together.  Serena uses fine leathers for the gloves and shoes and tissue paper for stockings.  A really fascinating talk I cannot recommend her enough and hopefully another member of the branch will have some photographs I can post.

Next month, December, is our Christmas Lunch, once again at the Crossways Hotel in Pickering.  We are all looking forward to it as it never fails to be a lovely meal and friendly staff.  Merry Christmas to everyone who reads our blog and a Happy New Year for 2017.