Tuesday, 10 July 2018


What a lovely weekend we had for our exhibition.  Wall to wall sunshine and cricket on the field - so very English.
We had a steady stream of visitors on Saturday despite the football (or maybe because of it), Sunday was quieter but still a good number.  There was lots of work for people to view, a very popular tombola where every winner received a hand made item, the Rose Bowl Challenge to judge and plenty of cake.
The Rose Bowl Challenge was an A5 book cover.  Each entry had a little bag and visitors were requested to put a coin in the bag of their favorite piece of work.  The winner was the bag with the most coins in (not the highest value) and all the proceeds went to St Martin's House Childrens Hospice.  There was a good amount of money in total in the bags and the winner was our chairman Angela, seen below with the rose bowl.

These were the other entries, a good number from a group of around 30 members.

These were items from the Jan Dowson workshop.

Then we had a workshop with Eileen making these lovely vases.

Here are some of our Mystery Stitchery pieces.  There are more but still in the making.  Every month we purchased a pattern sheet that had been designed by Loreen and we made it up in our own way then put the pieces together to make either a book or a box or whatever pleased you.  The money we made from the sale of the pattern sheets will go to HQ towards the upkeep of the collection.

We also had a display of some of the Christmas items we had at Nunnington Hall last December.

The next pieces were on the theme of Animals.

We also had a display of World Embroidery.

Last but not least, we had a good show of embroidery in general. 

This piece is from South America, it is at least a metre long and every bird is different.

 This last piece was given to the Branch by a lady from Snainton.  The story behind it is that all the ladies of the village of West Heslerton were given 1p worth of threads to make a patch for this quilt.  This was in the 1940's, if anyone out there knows anything more about this quilt we would love to hear from you.

There were lots more pieces of work on show but this is just a selection so that next time you will remember and come and see us.

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  1. Fabulous display! I only wish I’d been able to come and see it, but I only came out of hospital on Monday (2nd). Next time!