Friday, 2 June 2017

May Meeting

A very warm day at the start of the half term holidays - there's something unusual!  We did get a short thunderstorm mid afternoon but nothing to spoil our fun.

Our speaker this month was Heather Gatt who as you probably know, produces the most wonderful batik pictures.  Today she gave us a demonstration on how to layer up your colours when doing batik, something I have difficulty with.  As always, Heather was very giving of her knowledge and is such a lovely person.

In the morning we spent some time making small kits for the Regional Day and other stands as a fundraiser for Region.  The Christmas tree embroideries are still coming in and everyone seems to be a bit more settled with Laureen's Mystery Stitchery as she brought some 'Inspiration' ideas in to show us.

These are the pieces that Heather created for us during our meeting.

Sorry about my feet!

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